Price: Rs.2499/-

Price: Rs.1699/-

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Lectures: 16
  • Materials: Yes
  • Question Sessions: Yes

Web Designing

Web designing is a process of creating a website using creative graphics and useful functionality. In the website designing process the important factors are content, appealing look, good layout and accessibility of the website on all devices. In 2018 creating Responsive Websites which are optimized for Desktops, Tabs and Mobiles are very significant. We have added BootStrap Framework to enable you to design responsive websites. In our web designing course, we will train you on all the latest technologies as per the new updates.


  • Day 1-Introduction to Web Technologies,Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles,How the Website Works,Client and Server Scripting Languages,Domains and Hosting
  • Day 2-Responsive Web Designing,Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites),Web Standards and W3C recommendations
  • Day 3-Introduction on tools,Photoshop, HTML editor
  • Day 4-Building a Logo,Graphic Creation For different medium(Print and web),
  • Day 5-Learn tools & features to design projects like Mobile Apps & Responsive Website Designs.
  • Day 6-Introduction to HTML,What is HTML?,HTML Documents,Basic structure of an HTML,Document
  • Day 7-Creating an HTML document,Mark up Tags,Heading-Paragraphs,Line Breaks,HTML Tags
  • Day 8-Introduction to elements of HTML,Working with Text,Working with Lists,Tables and Frames,Working with HyperLinks,Images and Multimedia,Working with Forms and controls
  • Day 9-Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets,Concept of CSS,Creating Style Sheet,CSS Properties
  • Day 10-CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts),Working with block elements and objects,Working with Lists and Tables,CSS Id and Class,Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties)
  • Day 11-CSS Advanced(Grouping, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align,Pseudo class, Navigation Bar,Image Sprites, Attribute sector),CSS Color,Creating page Layout and Site Designs.
  • Day 12-Basic SEO Friendly Website Design techniques
  • Day 13-Attaching CSS and Javascript to the HTML Document
  • Day 14-Building a basic website using templates
  • Day 15-Basic Form elements
  • Day 16-Hosting through FTP and Control Panel,Guidance on Portfolio Building

Course Syllabus

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