2222 JAVA

Price: Rs.1599

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Lectures: 16
  • Students: 10 Students/Batch
  • Materials: Yes
  • Question Sessions: Yes


This Core Java Course begins by giving a birds-eye view of Java covering everything from Origin of Java to Installing Java and Writing Your First Java Program. Even the most fundamental concepts like compilation & interpretation are explained. All other topics are covered in-depth starting from Language Basics, Object-Oriented Concepts & Design, JVM Internals, Exceptions, IO, Package, Multi-threading, Databases, Nested Classes, and Functional-style Programming via Java 8. You'll also learn about Database Designing, implementation (SQL), and how to interact with them from Java programs (via JDBC). The course also helps you to gives a very good introduction to Advance Java (Java EE) technologies like JSP, Servlets and Swing, Junit Framework which help in project implementation. Finally, an excellent Eclipse IDE is also included, which teaches you how to use Eclipse professionally for effectively writing, debugging Java programs.

Course Syllabus

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