Qwop technologies pvt ltd is the largest growing it company in Bhubaneswar odisha since 2018 and in 2020 our company decided to work for the education sector especially for the students who want to learn a professional course online so our company recrutied its chief operations officer Mr.Gourav singh samanta, who has a vast expierence in the online education system and we are now providing online professional courses like php and Html to a number of students online since 2020 we proved ourselves to be the largest online professional Course provider in Bhubaneswar.

Our main mission is to provide a vast online professional courses to the students who does not get a chance to study professional courses like php and html. We also provide the students to work in our live projects from a group of clients to ensure that the student can work with a minimum expierence we also include online doubt clearing classes to ensure that the student who studied under us wont get any confusion in their respective courses. We provide the teachers an opportunity to share their knowledge to various children who does not get an opportunity to study professional subjects and computer programming launguages.

We have a vision that within the year 2025 we have to educate atleast 50000 student per year so that no one will be remained un educated due to financial crises in india .we ensure quality study through a group of expirenced teachers And we provide this courses around the globe we want to provide the students as well as the teachers A good online platform to enhance their abilities so that no one would remain unknown about the online courses.

Why Choose Us

QWOP Education provides technology trainings with live projects to every one who are interested to learn and work hard for their professional career and a beautiful future.

Fully Online System

We have a very vast online system for our study of our students and our teachers for their betterment so that they can study for the maximum time without wasting time in online arrangement. We use the world’s best online system with our class. We also provide very highly secured software (which is made by our head company QWOP technologies) for the storage of all their educational materials for both the teachers and students.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We provide our courses with a very affordable price .We also provide a full money back guarantee to our students if they are not satisfied after two classes then they can withdraw their admission and they can get back their money. We also don’t accept anykind of funds from any body to provide special training and verify the documents of the students so that no one cannot mis use our software .

Highly Experienced Faculties

We also have a very large number of highly expierenced faculties who give their best knowledge to our students within the minimum time they can our teachers also work with us as developers and develop various kind of software in the time. We are also working on increasing our number of faculties day by day so there will be a vast number of faculties in the future.

Live Projects & Online Exams

We also provide to chance our students to work in live projects to ensure their studies and we also provide them to work with us in our demo projects and all these projects are assisted by the respective heads of the department we also provide a fully integrated online examination system so that we ensure the maximum knowledge in the minimum time possible.

Register Now

For applying in qwop education you have only few simple steps go to our website qwop education.com click on register page.provide all the documents required.Just click on submit and now you are eligible for login after complete registration. Our registration department will send you your online software UserID and password.